Living, Learning, Leading Together

The Living Learning Leading Framework gives us a foundation for understanding what we do in Catholic Education – who we are, what we value and how we partner with our families to ensure our students thrive. This underpins everything we do, ensuring our students develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to thrive in a rapidly changing and complex world.

The framework develops the Catholic Education South Australia Key Capabilities of being:

  • spiritually aware and inspired by faith;
  • self-aware, collaborative and socially adept;
  • intercultural, and globally-minded;
  • knowledgeable, inquisitive and innovative;
  • moral, compassionate, and ecologically aware;
  • confident and careful creators and users of ICTs; and
  • literate, numerate and effective communicators.

We achieve this through the following:

Pastoral Care at St Monica's is concerned with the total well-being of each learner within the school as a whole person.

Pastoral Care builds and supports the entire school community, making connections between our learners, staff and wider community. It encompasses all aspects of school life through a combination of structured activities and building personal relationships.  

Thoughtfully named after significant people from our school’s history and tradition. The aim of the House system is to create a sense of connection, belonging and identity for each student to a smaller group within the School. Apart from Sports Day, our Houses gather regularly for Buddy activities and also to foster school ‘spirit’ through having fun.

Our Houses are Augustine, Joseph, Tenison Woods and Mackillop. 

Augustine – was the son of St Monica, one of the most influential theologians in Christian history, philosopher and writer, often referred to as an intellectual.

Joseph – is the earthy father of Jesus and patron saint of the Sisters of St Joseph, his virtues included being courageous and a person of prayer.

Tenison Woods – co-founded the sisters of St Joseph, he was also a scientist, botanist, geologist and environmentalist.

MacKillop – Mary MacKillop was the co-founder of the Sisters of St Joseph, her virtues include love of children and education, generosity, courage, wisdom, compassion.


St Monica's places each learner at the centre of all we do. We do this by:

  • developing a deep understanding of each learner
  • Individualising learning by using National Learning Progression continuums to ensure learners are working at the level that is appropriate for them
  • learners setting their own learning goals
  • giving learners the choice and opportunity to learn in a variety of ways
  • learners see the meaning and relevance of what they are learning
  • learners reflecting on their progress.

At St Monica's, we acknowledge that learners go through different stages of physical and psychological development as they grow.

These stages of development are important to be understood, considered and integrated into a learner-focused environment to ensure learners are assisted through developmentally appropriate content and strategies.

For this reason, St Monica's uses a developmental scaffold to support educators to plan developmentally appropriate learning opportunities. This scaffold highlights strategies, contexts and approaches to learning that are relevant to learners’ developmental stages.

At St Monica's, your child will have a range of Leadership opportunities at every year level of schooling. From Student Voice representatives, House captains, liturgy and library roles, we take the responsibility of developing our next generations of leaders seriously.