Lunch Clubs

Nikki Grosser is the school Chaplain and works with students, staff, and families to support a safe and caring environment that promotes the emotional, spiritual, and social well-being of community members. Nikki assists in a range of programs a social skills programs and also coordinates Lunchtime Clubs for students and is a friendly face in the yard that students can turn to for help, guidance, or a conversation. Lunch time clubs have included Chess, Pokémon, and Rubik's Cube Clubs, where students can come and play - even if they don’t have the equipment or have never played before.  

In the winter months, senior students have the opportunity to make soup for the Adelaide Day Centre. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop their cooking skills and encourages students to give back to the local community and engage in outreach programs. 

As a person of faith, hope, and compassion, Nikki extends pastoral care to children, so that they feel accepted, seen, and valued within the school, and build their problem solving skills and resilience.