School Board

As a Diocesan school, St Monica’s Parish School Board has an advisory role and is responsible to the Archbishop of Adelaide.

In a spirit of partnership, the Board acts to:

  • develop policies that nurture the religious dimension and guide the direction of the school;
  • develop a relationship between the school and local Church; 
  • promote educational excellence within the school;
  • support the administration of the school;
  • foster harmonious and positive collaboration within the school community;
  • protect children;
  • monitor buildings and grounds development and maintenance;
  • ensure compliance with legal obligations

Board members include elected of parents / legal guardians of students currently enrolled at the school. 


School Board Members

Our School Board is elected annually to oversee the running of our school. The Board is elected by the school community in Term 1 each year and ensures that the voice of our school community is represented in the governing body of the school. 


President: Deacon Andrew Kirkbride

Principal: Emily Sayer

Chairperson: Kevin Hickson

Deputy Chairperson: Sarah Gilmour

Chair Finance Committee: Tim Bant

Staff Representative: Katie Downie

Parent Representatives: Tricia Howard, Leah Thornhill, Yvonne Tee & John Caruana


School Performance Report

The following report provides details of the 2022 academic year, in accordance with the Schools Assistance Act 2008.

You will find enrolment, financial, strategic, staffing and contextual information relating to St Monica's in this document.


2023 Book of Reports