Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Inspired by our Josephite tradition at St Monica’s Parish School, we encourage all members of our community to nurture body, heart and mind in all we do, and for our students to act with compassion, empathy, mercy and acceptance, as global citizens that model the Gospel values.

Mission Statement

In the spirit of our Josephite tradition, our Mission is to:

Be a faith community.
Jesus is at the heart of our faith community, and the Eucharist is central.

Be a learning community.
Provide a quality education in a safe, positive and inclusive environment.

Foster partnerships and authentic relationships.
Work in partnership, in the spirit of friendship and collaboration where each person is valued and respected as an individual.

Provide services and resources.
Strive for professional excellence to provide a 21st Century learning environment
using current and relevant pedagogies and resources.

Traditions and values

We believe that every child is held in God’s infinite tenderness and is of unsurpassable value.
Children: Close to the Mystery of God (2015)

Our values are woven into the fabric of our school and our Catholic tradition informs who we are, and who we will become. Since 1926 we have embraced the Josephite tradition of love, understanding and acceptance of others. Our history is built on values that flow through to our school today. We teach the values of respect – of self, others and the world around us. Care for each other is at the heart of the community we’ve built at St Monica’s Parish School, a place where your child will be valued and respected as an individual.

We teach our children to be capable and competent people, learners and leaders. They graduate knowing that they are unconditionally loved by God and leave us with a deeper understanding of faith and knowledge to be leaders for a world God desires. 

Our school is a place where students learn to be self-aware, collaborative and socially adept. We welcome families of all faiths and cultural backgrounds and we learn from each other.